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Fresh From The Word 2024

Fresh From The Word 2024

Fresh From The Word 2024: Daily Bible Studies From Around The World - David Painting

What will the world be like in a year’s time? What changes will we have seen, and what global events will be fresh in our thoughts? What highs and lows will we have encountered, and what surprises will we have had that bring unexpected joy? And in the midst of all those things, how will we make sense of it all? That’s where Fresh from The Word comes in!

This edition tells the whole story of the Bible, so we have a framework in which to better understand each part. In addition, readings through 1 Chronicles culminate with Solomon building the Temple, and those in Mark and Luke show us how the Master Builder came and lived amongst us. We see how God began to build his church, looking at leaders in the New Testament, and how Paul encouraged one of those leaders as we read his letters to Timothy. And when the building gets broken, we study how to be reconciled, with Nehemiah offering a worked example of how God uses his people to rebuild. Finally, the Song of Solomon reveals the aim of it all – intimate, loving relationship with God himself.

Fresh from The Word 2024 aims to help us build the discipline of Bible reading into our lives so we are grounded in God's word and our faith may deepen and develop. By offering accessible and engaging material, it aids our understanding of the Bible and helps us understand it from different Christian perspectives.

PAGES - 384

DIMENSIONS - 5.67 x 1.34 x 8.58 inches

ISBN - 9780281089888

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