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Bible Tabs Silver

Bible Tabs Silver

Silver Bible Tabs

Bible Indexing Tabs
Tabs are for both Old and New Testament
Easy to use and convenient!

Language - English
2 Colours available - Gold or Silver


1. Open your bible to Revelation Chapter One, and lay the Bible flat on the table.

2. Lightly remove index marked Revelation from index sheet.

3. Beginning from the right hand bottom corner of the page, paste the index transparant side on to the Bible page, and silver side extending outside the page.

4. Fold on folding line, and paste the underside.

5. Turn Bible to first page of Jude.

6. lightly remove Jude index from index sheet.

7. line the bottom of Jude index directly above Revelation index and repeat the same process.

8. Repeat step 4 and continue pasting all the other indexes likewise until Genesis.

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