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Generation Change

Generation Change

Generation Change. Paperback.

Just look around and you'll be reminded that our world is broken. People are hurting and dying every day. But it can change. God wants you to help change the world for the better. Zach Hunter is not that different from you. He's a teenager who likes to listen to music and hang out with his friends. But he's also committed to ending modern-day slavery and helping address other issues facing our world. Zach believes that your generation can be the one to change things ---and this book will help you find tangible ways that you can be the generation of change. In the process, Zach hopes you'll discover God's love for you and for people who are suffering. Inside you'll find stories about real people who are doing amazing things to change the world around them. As you read, you may discover the thing you're passionate about changing, and you'll find ideas that will help you do just that. Read about people who are: * Feeding the hungry * Healing the sick * Providing clean water for the thirsty * Clothing the poor * Housing the homeless * Protecting human rights * Taking the Bible to new people * Improving the environment *

Don't just sit there wondering why our world is so messed up. Get up and be the generation of change!

AGES 13-17


ISBN - 9780310285151

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