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A Diamond in the Dirt

A Diamond in the Dirt

A Diamond in the Dirt - Maree de Jong

Have you ever been in a place where the circumstances of life have caved in on you, burying you beneath deep despair? Have you felt so far down in the depth of darkness that it was impossible to see light? Within the pages of this book, Maree shares that there were many times when life seemed to cruelly overshadow any sense of hope or future.

Maree never imagined how a diamond of clarity, color and brilliance could ever emerge from this dirt. She learned that God does the most with the least. He brings light to darkness and hope to despair. We can give Him ourselves, our darkness and despair and He makes something beautiful out of what looked totally hopeless. Maree shares with the reader how they too can become a Diamond in the Dirt.

“Maree’s story is one of hope, and she beautifully shows how your past does not need to define your future. You can rise up in the power and strength of God, overcome all obstacles and adversity, and be all He has called you to be in order to do all He has called you to do.” - Christine Caine - Author / Speaker

PAGES - 176

ISBN - 9780473186968

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