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The Freedom Diaries

The Freedom Diaries

The Freedom Diaries - Mark Holloway.

WHEN HIS LIFE SUDDENLY FALLS APART, MARK HOLLOWAY DISCOVERS GOD SPEAKS BACK. After 37 years of believing in a God who seldom speaks, Mark's life goes down the plughole in a single day. Worse, he discovers it's his own doing. Terrified, he screams out to God, just like he did years before when his son and daughter were dying. To his amazement God speaks back. And this time keeps on talking. An unbelievable conversation with God begins. As his life continues to slide into an abyss, Mark is plagued by doubt. Would God really talk to him like this? Worse still he discovers his conversations with God have made him a disappointment to religious people. Thoroughly disillusioned he decides to stop.

But God keeps talking. Every day God turns up and says encouraging and hopeful things to Mark when there is no hope. A growing number of others hear what Mark is doing and try it themselves. Suddenly they too are hearing God speak. The conversation with God begins to spread. Could this be what Isaiah, Jeremiah, David and Paul talked about? AMAZING! God answers tough questions clearly! AT LAST! Proves whoever you are, the God of the bible is eager to talk. 'If you read my story, I guarantee you'll start hearing God speak to you.' - Author.

ISBN - 9780473251840

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