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Anointed For Work

Anointed For Work

Anointed For Work - Richard Brunton.

In recent years there have been some excellent books written about faith in the workplace.

But as I talk to normal, everyday Christians, I've found that very few people seem to really believe and embrace the truth that the Holy Spirit wants to help believers in their daily work just as much as when they contribute at church. He wants to come alongside us at the office, on the building site, in the home, or wherever our workplace is.

As we surrender our workplace skills to Him, He will add love, inspiration, creativity and beauty to what we produce. I believe that God takes great delight in this partnership. After all, we were created by Him for joy and intimacy.

This is an invitation to step into an exciting and fulfilling world, where the supernatural has a powerful impact in the workplace and in the marketplace.

PAGES - 98

DIMENSIONS - 4.0 x 0.2 x 6.0inches

ISBN - 9780473396121

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