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Journey To The Promised Land

Journey To The Promised Land

Journey To The Promised Land - Dennis R. Mcleod.

Fear, drama, suspense... and hope.

Amid the ruins and chaos left by the Second World War, a family sets out from a small town in Russia to escape the uncertainty of living under the iron fist of Stalin. Their arduous journey takes them through Poland and then Germany, where they hear first-hand accounts of the holocaust where millions of Jews and others were exterminated only a few years earlier... and then on to France and England.

A few years later, the son Simon, and his wife Rose visit Israel after discovering their Jewish roots and heritage. They arrive just in time to experience the dramatic Six Day War when the surrounding Arab nations attempt to destroy Israel.

You will be kept wondering how this family can possibly survive as they flee the only home they've ever known. This powerful story is based on the true accounts of friends and strangers that the author has woven into fascinating fiction.

PAGES - 264

DIMENSIONS - 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

ISBN - 9780473477899

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