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When Jesus Calls - Transforming Businesses into ...

When Jesus Calls - Transforming Businesses into ...

When Jesus Calls - Transforming Businesses into expressions of God's Kingdom - Peter Lawry

Where is God in my business? – Time poor; losing control; best employee gone; marriage breaking up. It shouldn’t be like this…

You’re right, it shouldn’t – and it doesn’t have to be.

Typically, as Christian business owners, we sense something’s missing. We build solid, commercial businesses, applying Christian values and morality into them because that’s what you do, right? Yet we’re dissatisfied. Our very ‘gut’ tells us that good morals and values, whilst a familiar starting point, just isn’t enough. Surely, there’s got to be more! Businesses we grow with God…can’t they be transformingly different? - so, instead of draining us, they become exciting and energising to operate?

In When Jesus Calls - Transforming businesses into expressions of God’s Kingdom, the invitation of Jesus is reissued to entrepreneurs: align your business with the Kingdom of God. It’s a gentle wooing by God’s Spirit. An invitation so attractive and outrageous that you’re drawn beautifully into His realm of possibilities. Where God Himself takes the lead as CEO of your business, powerfully renovating it into what He knows it can be.

Peter Lawry (recognised by peers as one of the top SME Business Strategists and improvement specialists in New Zealand) has lived it, and proved God’s faithfulness. So have the many Christian business women and men he’s interviewed. This book tells their stories; and shares how your business can undergo awe-inspiring transformation too.

Reading When Jesus Calls is a profoundly life-changing journey. Peter doesn’t peddle unrealistic promises. He shares clear Biblical truth, and life in the Spirit for business, in such an easy-to-grasp way – through stories.

Start reshaping your business into one that really matters. Invest in 
When Jesus Calls today.

PAGES - 231

DIMENSIONS - 5.5 x 0.53 x 8.5 inches

ISBN - 9780473608316

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