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Wake Up And Believe: A Memoir

Wake Up And Believe: A Memoir

Wake Up And Believe: A Memoir - Junko Monica Preston

This is the inspiring and unique story of one simple Christian, caught up unaware in a prophetic calling, who became the first Japanese woman priested in the Anglican Church.

At the age of 27 Junko forfeited her country - birthright, citizenship, family, and above all her mother tongue Japanese - in order to marry an Englishman chosen by God. This new life turned out to be one of great blessings, surrounded by many people of faith and trust.

She tells how Christ drew her slowly to become a disciple and spiritual eyewitness in today's world, as she came to realise the presence of the code of the Covenant between humanity and God. This mystery may ignite for the reader a lifetime of curiosity, wonder and love of God in their lives.

PAGES - 168

ISBN - 9780473624446

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