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Redemptive Grief - Gaynor Lincoln

Redemptive Grief - Gaynor Lincoln

Redemptive Grief - Gaynor Lincoln

Finding healing from traumatic loss and unresolved grief—and how death from a suicide is different.

“He attempted to take his own life and isn’t expected to live.”

No one ever wants to hear those words...

How do we then deal with the perplexing and painful feelings that surface within us? We can stuff them deep where they fester, spurting out to cover those who awkwardly offer help.

We can deny them but see them emerge as cancer or arthritis. Or we can courageously journey through grief, experiencing God’s redemptive, healing presence and a deeper inner freedom.

Empowered, we reach out to other walking wounded souls amongst us, adrift in the world. We smell like Jesus, for He has enveloped us in His healing love. We learn how Christianity holds the gift of true emotional healing for this suffering world.

Redemptive Grief is Gaynor’s experience of traumatic loss and her journey of rebuilding her life in its wake. She shares how God transforms grief into a redemptive experience which rekindles hope and brings transformation.

PAGES - 220

ISBN - 9780473658335

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