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Driven By Pain Changed By Grace - Peter Lyndon-James

Driven By Pain Changed By Grace - Peter Lyndon-James

Driven By Pain Changed By Grace - Peter Lyndon-James

Following on from Tough Love, Peter Lyndon-James offers a darker, grittier and more detailed insight into his past in his second book, Driven by Pain, Changed by Grace.

With the same disarming, plain-spoken honesty, Peter leaves no stone unturned in relating his experiences with drugs, crime, violence, suicide and sexual abuse in a dark narrative that is painful to read, yet impossible to put down. From his early childhood, Peter recounts a heart-breaking tale of abandonment, neglect and abuse that would forge the broken sense of self that drove his drug addiction and criminal lifestyle for years to come.

Peter entered adulthood as a volatile, violent man intent on a destructive path that would lead him and his wife Amanda on a nomadic crime-spree across Australia, barely a step ahead of the law.

Despite the dark world he inhabited, a series of inexplicable incidents opened Peter's heart to something that would ultimately lead him to become one of Australia's most effective healers of men and families broken by life-controlling addiction. As founder and CEO of Australia's largest and strictest rehab, Peter's life has transformed beyond recognition, in effect changing the lives of countless others as he continues his quest to serve a greater purpose.

PAGES - 284

DIMENSIONS - 14.81 x 1.52 x 21.01 cm

ISBN - 9780646814520

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