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Final Days Of Jesus

Final Days Of Jesus

Final Days Of Jesus - Shimon Gibson.

Few theologians and historians have had direct access to the ancient buried city of Jerusalem, let alone to remains dating specifically from the time of Jesus. This book is the first book of its kind to examine the final days of Jesus using the full array of such archaeological discoveries. Renowned archaeologist Shimon Gibson has been digging in Jerusalem since the 1970s and has been directly connected to every discovery pertaining to Jesus and the first century. It is this unprecedented access to all the key archaeological finds of Jesus during his final days that cannot be found in any other publication about Jesus. Describing the events of the final days of Jesus chronologically, this remarkable work is packed with all relevant archaeological discoveries known to have a bearing on the story of the final days of Jesus.

PAGES - 254 

DIMENSIONS - 6.12 x 0.62 x 8.69 inches

ISBN - 9780745953953

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