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Immune System Makeover (90 Day) - Janet Maccaro

Immune System Makeover (90 Day) - Janet Maccaro

Immune System Makeover (90 Day) - Janet Maccaro. Paperback.

If you're tired of being sick and tired, and if you're ready for a complete immune system makeover, this powerful, easy-to-follow 90-day immune system makeover can show you how. Mark your calendar!

You can build and strengthen your immune system, bring your body's systems into proper balance and experience disease-free living!

No matter how your health has been in the past, there is something you can do right now to give your health a complete makeover---to give you the vitality and energy to embrace life at your best!

This amazing guide to renewed health gives you:

News vital to improving your daily life---which foods heal, which vitamins and supplements build and restore your health Amazing facts--how your immune system is your miraculous internal pharmacy Valuable self-tests that help you monitor your body's functions for good health Charts that help you see your progress at 30, 60 and 90 days Delicious, health-enhancing recipes.

DIMENSIONS - 13.97 x 1.93 x 21.59 cm

PUBLISHED - June 2000

ISBN - 9780884196921

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