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The Elephant In The Room - Dave Mann

The Elephant In The Room - Dave Mann

The Elephant In The Room - Dave Mann

This book is a challenge to church leaders and thinkers. It addresses an area of neglect that many seem disinterested in discussing: Evangelism is often in the ‘too hard basket’ in our churches, yet it is integral to our mission. It’s the elephant in the room!

However, this book is only written because of a belief that there is hope. Specifically, it puts solutions on the table that I believe could remedy the current situation. This is a big claim! The solutions I propose are  profound – yet simple. They are about principles, not programs. They are about adaption to our current culture (both in church and society) – rather than replication of approaches created for a former culture. And I believe they will release many onto a path of discovery at the end of which there will be increased positive results!

ISBN - 9780994108555

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