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Heal The Sick - John Fergusson

Heal The Sick - John Fergusson

Jesus Said: Heal The Sick, But How? - John Fergusson

Jesus commanded ALL his disciples to heal the sick! It’s not an optional extra for the super-spiritual. Therefore it must be possible for ordinary believers like you and me. But many are afraid of disappointment or don’t know what to do. Born from fifteen years of teaching healing, 'Heal the Sick!' is a clear, Biblical and practical book to get you started, plus some new tips to help you get better. It includes:

* Testimonies!

* Does our mindset matter?

* How to run a school of healing

* Lists of healing and root cause Scriptures

PAGES - 176

DIMENSIONS - 5.51 x 0.38 x 8.5 inches

ISBN - 9781492397205

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