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Living Stones Pebbles Yr B

Living Stones Pebbles Yr B

Living Stones Pebbles: The All-age Resource for the Common Worship Lectionary - Year B

Taking as its starting point the readings of the Common Worship programme, this is the essential resource for those working with children of pre-school age.

For each week of the year there are starters, teaching ideas, prayers and activities, all designed to appeal to the imaginations of young children. The teaching is reinforced by photocopiable worksheets for every Sunday of the year. These may be reproduced without copyright infringement so long as they are used for non-commercial purposes. Drawn by Arthur Baker, the worksheets include practical activities such as colouring-in and simple model-making, and prayers for parents and children to say together.

PAGES - 128

ISBN - 9781840033977

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