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Hallowed Be Thy Names - David Wilkerson

Hallowed Be Thy Names - David Wilkerson

Hallowed Be Thy Names - David Wilkerson

From the author:

"My purpose in writing this book has been to obtain a heart knowledge of God's names. I wanted to have a revelation of His names on a personal level to appropriate their fullest meaning not for mere theological knowledge, but for my daily walk with Him.

You see, each of God's names reveals a defining quality about our Lord's nature and character toward His people. And, as I searched the scriptures, I discovered that God revealed these names to His people only as they needed them in their moments of deepest crisis. It dawned on me that this was how I wanted to learn my Lord's nature, also to know His heart towards us, His people, in our most desperate times. Therefore, I've chosen to explore in these pages the ten names of God that most relate to my own times of testing and crisis." - DAVID WILKERSON

PAGES - 256

ISBN - 9781905044306

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