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Sarah - Men And Women Of The Bible

Sarah - Men And Women Of The Bible

Sarah - Men And Women Of The Bible

Sarah, A Woman Whose Dream Came True- is Short Stories for Girls and Short Stories for Boys. Sarah is one of the wisest, most courageous, and Godliest women of her time. Her stories are found in Genesis Chapters 18 through 23. Sarah had the courage to support and go with her husband as God lead them from a highly developed civilization into a wild country. Sarah with her Husband Abraham followed God. Sarah trusted that God would give them all He promised including a son.

Sarah, A Woman Whose Dream Came True encourages children and adults to follow her example of love and personal commitment that is of greater value to God than achievement that can be seen. This book designed to communicate a positive identity as a woman, focusing on the unique influence that women can and do have on history. Even though Sarah is an old woman, God gives her a son, and this is the beginning of the people of Israel. This paraphrased Bible story of Sarah will inspire children to believe in the promises and power of a personal, loving God who is able to bring blessing out of impossible situations.

The Men and Women of the Bible series introduces children to people in the Bible that God used to mold the history of Israel and the Early church. Your child will identify with these biblical heroes of faith and be inspired.

PAGES - 32

DIMENSIONS - 20.57 x 0.51 x 26.92 cm 

ISBN - 9788771325928

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