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Joseph - Men And Women Of The Bible Paperback

Joseph - Men And Women Of The Bible Paperback

Joseph - Men And Women Of The Bible. Paperback.

'The Boy who Learned to Handle His Dream'

With detailed illustrations, full color and easy Bible text read, this series is designed to communicate a positive identity for children focusing on the only influence that we can have in history, if we we date to have faith.

The Boy who Learned to Handle His Dreams teaches the blessings in life that answering God s call and following God brings, the power of friendship, as well as courage, steadfastness, faith, obedience, perseverance, humility, generosity, truth, forgiveness, and bravery. The pages have exciting graphics that show the story in action while the children read Ben Alex s easy to understand story from the Bible. These books focus on excitement and adventure, while inspiring children with Biblical role models. Exceptional illustrations make the books sure favorites in any family library.

This 16-book series introduces readers to 16 of great men and women of the Bible and learn their incredible lives became instrumental and important part of one larger plan, and how men and women pushed through several tests to take done extraordinary things. They dared to have faith!

PUBLISHED - September 2017

DIMENSIONS - 20.57 x 0.51 x 26.92 cm

ISBN - 8772475234

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