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Mary - Men And Women Of The Bible

Mary - Men And Women Of The Bible

Mary - Men And Women Of The Bible

The story of Mary will encourage your child to believe in the very special purposes that God has designed just for her, purposes, which can be discovered by an eagerness to listen to and to follow God. These Bible Stories for Kids are outstanding. Men and Women of the Bible Series introduce children to the people in the Bible who helped mold the history of Israel and the early Church.

Mary- Ordinary Woman with a Special Calling teaches the blessings in life that answering God s call and following God brings, the power of friendship, as well as courage, steadfastness, faith, obedience, perseverance, humility, generosity, truth, forgiveness, and bravery. The pages have exciting graphics that show the story in action while the children read by Marlee Alex s easy to understand story from the Bible. These books focus on excitement and adventure, while inspiring children with Biblical role models. Exceptional illustrations make the books sure favorites in any family library.

Many parents want all 16 different titles of The Men and Women in the Bible Series. Moses, Joseph, King David, Elijah, Samuel, Daniel, St. Paul, Ester, Ruth, Mary Magdalene, Mary, Hannah, Miriam.

AGES - 7-12

PAGES - 32

DIMENSIONS - 7.52 x 0.13 x 8.06 inches

ISBN - 9788772475479

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