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Register Of Marriage Services

Register Of Marriage Services

Register Of Marriage Services

This register of marriage services allows churches to keep a record of all wedding ceremonies conducted, in line with the new requirements introduced in May 2021.

The requirement to make a record applies where a marriage has been solemnized according to the rites of the Church of England, in a church or chapel in which banns may be published, irrespective of the form of preliminary used.

It gives space to record:

- the date and place of the marriage;
- the name and surname of each party;
- the date of birth of each party;
- the occupation of each party;
- the address of each party at the time of marriage;
- the names of the party’s parents (with space for up to eight);
- the names of the witnesses;
- the name and signature of the member of the clergy who solemnized the marriage.

PAGES - 128 

WIDTH - 29.7cm

HEIGHT - 21cm

ISBN - 9780715111796

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